Samsung Galaxy S6 becomes very hot on area just below the primary camera lens. It has been observed that while calling and while using an app for long, Samsung Galaxy S6 has a heating issue. In fact, there were almost 100+ customer call on Samsung Care in Delhi-NCR region regarding heating issue.

Reason behind this is that processor of device usually gets heated up when used for long or when running at a high frequency. This is the reason that only top half of device is heated up.

If you are facing the heating issue with your Samsung Galaxy S6, here are the steps to follow which will fix this issue on the fly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Heating Issue : Steps to Fix

  • Using the Power Button, switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6. Let it remain off for 10 minutes for processor to loose heat.
  • Now start your Samsung Galaxy S6 by pressing the following Key Combination: Power+Volume Up+Home Key.
  • Long press the above key combination until Recovery Menu Screen appears.
  • Now using Volume key, select Wipe Cache Partition and press Power button.
  • Clear the cache and reboot the device.

Simple isn’t it? Now your device will not heat as much as it used to be. If the problem still persists after following the above steps, remove battery of your device and confirm if the battery is more hot than device. If so, contact customer care.

We also have dedicated support available of device specific problems. In case if you want our assistance in following above procedure on Samsung Galaxy S6 to solve heating issue, contact us.

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